Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun & Family

Thanksgiving came and went! And here we are...Almost Christmas time. I wasnt able to get any pictures at Thanksgiving but it was a great time! Last night we went to Garys company Christmas party. It was kinda boring at first, but then they had us play this game called "snowballs" it was a lot of fun! I won court side Jazz tickets. Gary won its really nice luggage but still its luggage. After the party we went to Garys Dads house and we were able to meet Thomas' (Garys Bro) girlfriend. Her name is Amanda, she seems really its nice to have another mexicana in the family :)

Me and Gary after the party...Im kinda tired.

My outfit for the party...this was after so all my jewelry was off and my hair was a mess!

Another one of us at Gary's dads house
Thomas (big bro) Grant (Dad) Gary (my hubby:)
Gary & Thomas

Thomas & Amanda