Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Cycle!!

I started my last cycle of chemo on Monday!!! I have two days left for this week and then two Tuesdays and as long as my blood work comes back like it has been, I AM DONE! 

I can't wait until my hair starts growing again, or until I can open the fridge without gagging, or feed the dogs without running to the sink. My sense of smell is so sensitive and everything stinks to me, even I stink to me! Seriously! I think I smell like chemicals. I dont know if I really do, but smells travel with me too, so maybe Im smelling the chemo center all the way home. 

I saw my surgeon on Friday and he said my incision looks good. He also had to give me some antibiotics because I keep getting ingrown hairs (my leg hair STILL hasn't stopped growing). 

He also wants me to take 10-14 days off after my last chemo treatment, but HA-HA work wont allow that without me losing ALL my sick leave for the year. So we will see what happens. 

On the plus side, mom has been here for about a week and a half and it has been such a blessing having her here. She has helped so much, the dogs are even wanting to hang out with her instead of me and Gary. I love having my mom with me. She needs to retire so she can move up here with me :0) 

Ring, ring, ring, ring.....

(I wrote this a couple weeks ago and just decided to post it. I wasn't sure because of the infertility stuff)

The ringing could and probably will go on and on....its a side effect of the Cisplatin, one of my chemo drugs. And of course I have to get one of the "rare" side effects that most people do not experience....ringing in my ears, which can lead to high frequency hearing loss. Im going to have to talk to my Dr about this before my next round of chemo. Hearing loss runs in the family and I really hope it doesn't happen to me.

Other than that annoying side effect, the usual ones are still present, my nausea accompanies me most mornings, Im still always tired, and super achy from the Neulasta shot.

One thing that has been on my mind lately is that of my fertility (or infertility). Since I have one ovary left the Dr said conception would still be possible (before chemo). Now, two of my chemo drugs can cause chemo induced menopause. I wont know for about 6 months if my remaining ovary has any function. My Dr has attempted to "shut down" my ovary by having me take birth control during my chemo treatments. She didnt sound very confident when we devised this plan but were hoping.

Im not really hoping that it still works just to concieve, but more so I can be "normal". Everything has been so abnormal and rare for me that it would be great to just have something go right. If I can't have my own kiddos, totally ok with that!! I've had more than enough adoption experience to know that "blood" doesn't make a family. I have a wonderful family and some of our brood is adopted. Im not looking forward to the emotional roller coaster that comes with adoption, but in the end it will all work out.