Saturday, August 28, 2010


At the end of June we took a trip to New Mexico to hang out with my Nana & Papo. Nana had just had shoulder surgery and my mom and aunt were in need of some respite time since they were mainly the ones taking care of Nana and the house after the surgery.
I left a pillow on the floor...he quickly found a new bed.
Mossy is the newest member of the Elliott clan, he is a lab/pit/whatever mix. I was dead set against another dog (especially one that was part pit). Gary had been talking about getting another one for a while now. Well, when we got to New Mexico my Papo's dog had just had a litter of 12 pups, Moss was the runt and was knocking (or barking) on deaths doorstep when we arrived. Immediately Gary and I took to taking care of him. We bought milk replacement and fed him from a bottle and also introduced him to solid food. By the time we were getting ready to leave we knew that Moss had to come home with us. We also brought two of his sisters whom we found great homes for. Moss (so far) is the complete opposite from my big, lazy, ball obsessed, Ben. Moss is full of energy and is ALWAYS hungry. He is very vocal and thinks he runs the house. But he is also full of love and gives kisses all the time. He loves his big brother, and Ben is a good babysitter, always trying to keep Moss out of trouble in the yard.

After his 1st bath at Petsmart, hanging out with big bro Ben.

After lots of conversations with the Vets office, they reassured me that Pit bulls can be wonderful family dogs as long as they are brought up with rules, love, and lots of socialization. To make sure of this, we take Moss to the dog park a couple times a week and try to introduce him to as many people as possible. He has never shown any aggression towards a human but other dogs he has. So his dog park visits have been very beneficial, he even has a few friends that he loves to play with when we are there.

Moss a couple weeks ago, he looks brown in this picture but he is still jet black.
So this was a lengthy introduction...but I just needed to introduce our little "Moss-hole" (yup, that's what i call him when he gets in trouble)