Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whats been going on here...

After posting last night I realized I haven't posted since January! It's not that there hasn't been anything to say, but time and energy run low most days for me.

In January I had that awesome stomach flu...that was fun.

In February I had an ear infection, Sinus infection, Strep throat, Bronchitis, and I got diagnosed with Asthma...still kinda fun.

In March I went to my gyn for my annual and a 13cm cyst was found on my right ovary, they gave me birth control to see if the hormones would shrink it. After over a month and three other appointments it only got larger and more solid. I saw a different doctor who wanted to operate as soon as he got my blood work back and MRI back. Well, he did get all the stuff back, but now the "mass" is mostly solid and no longer a cyst. It has its own blood supply. It is 15 cm X 13 cm X 11.2 cm....not so much fun.

On Monday I have an appointment with an gynecological oncologist, my blood tests came back negative for cancer, but they say there is always a chance because it is changing so rapidly....this really sucks.

Soooo, this is where I'm at. 

My sweet Garbear has been doing what he can to make me feel better, but he is worried and it's taking his toll. He looks very stressed, so me sick + work stress isn't a good combination for him, but Im so thankful for him. 

Friday, April 29, 2011


Gary and I have decided to start incorporating coupons when we shop, its a little time consuming but we have already seen some awesome savings.  Nothing that's worthy of a coupon TV show, but good for us. Last weekend we went to Smiths, with my list and coupons in hand we shopped (three separate transactions!!). My total bill was $106 and we ended up paying $32.

Then today I went to walgreens and got two bottles of Purex Crystals fabric Softener (reg $5.99 each) and eight bags of Butterfinger Snackers (reg $0.89 each). My total savings was over $16. I paid $6.04!!!