Monday, January 19, 2009

almost 20 lbs!!

So really quick...just weighed myself...Im at -19.2 lbs!! almost 20!! Of course that is since Sept. But its 20 less than before...woo hoo!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year

Christmas came and went, we spent it in New Mexico with my family. I had a good time, sometimes trips dont go as planned though, I ended up disapointed, but thats ok. I'll make it up when I go back in March to have a Scentsy Party!!

I did get to spend my birthday with my family though and that was awesome!! We had lunch at EL TACO TOTE. I love the name! And the food is amaaaazing!

Gary & my cousin Criste

Me and CristeUs and Criste's baby Aylin

We also spent a few days in Prescott, AZ. It was really pretty. The best part of the trip was just being able to relax. We also stayed in Kanab, UT as a half way point between AZ and home. That drive was beautiful. I can't beileve I forgot my camera!!!

When we got home, we found our lovey baby waiting for us. He had been at the kennel the whole time we were gone and so happy to see us!! Here is a picture of him, that night sleeping with his new bunny.

We also tackled the project of redoing the back bedroom. The biggest chore was taking it from a storage room to a bedroom. We took the border down (this room was the previous owners nursery). We also fixed some holes in the wall and repainted...popcorn ball!! I have become very fond of that color. We also did the kitchen & dining room in that color. We will be painting our bedroom that color as well (I bought to much paint).

It's still a work in progres, but I like it so far :)

Construction is on hold, after being home a week I got strep and a bad ear infection. Those days Gary was working overtime while I was sleeping. Well luck would have it, Gary is now sick! The poor guy has a viral infection that has settled in his vocal cords and sinus'. He's miserable because there isn't anything he can take for it, except cough syrup. Soon enough we'll be up and running around again.