Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our new SUV!

I keep wanting to call it a truck, but its not its a SUV!

And I drive it!

 Im so excited!
It's not brand new, but its new to me and thats all that matters

On Monday night we went to a Dodge dealership that [1st] totally ignored us [2nd] kept trying to push cars on us that we didn't want and kept telling us that we couldnt get the car we wanted for the monthly payment we wanted (they didnt know we were putting money down) so after being ignored and lied too (I called about a specific car, when we got there they gave us the run around as to where it was), we decided to give up. John Watson Chevrolet is on the way home and was having a sale so we decided to stop there. After telling the sales guy what we (I) wanted:

Low Miles
Fit 2 dogs and {one day} a kiddo or two

He showed us the trailblazers first, and we just kept walking cause we wern't crazy about the way they looked on the outside. After showing us an awesome Equinox and realizing it was out of our price range, I agreed to look at the Trailblazers the 1st one was an '08 and it was ok, but the 2nd one had dual control A/C! It was an '09 and had all the bells and whistles. After arguing with my practical side (the '08 had 2K less miles and cost 2K less thant the '09) we decided to take the newer one for a test drive. It was really fun and we decided to take it! I love love love the dual control ac/heater (that eliminates the argument that always happens on trips, I want cold, Gary wants warm), leather seats, and all kindsa cool stuff. Plus it meets all my requirements!
And it helped that we had an awesome non-pushy sales guy (but he also didnt ignore us).

P.S. to the dodge dealership...we ended up spending more than we planned on and still got the payment we wanted!!