Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little bit of fall!

The snow finally melted and it feels like Fall is finally here!! So with Fall comes some more decorations, I'm not very good at this whole decorating thing. Mostly, I don't have time to try and see how things will look together.

Gary is really good at arranging stuff but he's out of town, so it's all up to me. So I wanted to share these pictures cause Im proud of my little accomplishments. The bobble pumpkin I got at TaiPan. I must say I love that store! I spend way to much money every time I go in there!!

That copper pot/vase thingy always gets different flowers with every season/holiday. So maybe I do keep up a little with decorating. The bowl on the coffee table also gets something new in it (I bought all that stuff at TaiPan too :)Gary is back out of town so its just me and Ben again. I took him to Petsmart for a bath, now he's shiny, smells good, and is relatively shed free for a few days.Ooh some good news...I am now down 5.2 lbs since I bought the Wii & Wii fit!! Not a big loss but I'll take it. School is insane as always...both schools, school school, and school work, the latter keeps me way more busy than studying. I never thought working full time and school full time would be this exhausting! I need to hire someone to clean my house!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This morning we woke up to snow! I cant believe's only the12th of October!

But at least now I get to go buy new snow boots!! Although, thats not that excititng, there arent many cute snow boots.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A reason to like Utah

I have been complaining about how much I hate Utah, well today, on my way to a roadside veggie/fruit stand, I realized that there are a couple things I like about Utah.

One: The veggie/fruit stands have my favorite fruits at different times of the summer. Cherries first, then peaches, then apples.

Two: Fall is so beautiful here, especially in the mountains. I love that I can look out of my living room window and see a mountain and how it changes every day.

Ok thats all I got so far...if I think of more, I'll have to add them.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wii & Fit

I have been searching for a Nintendo Wii since July. Well last friday I decided to call Walmart and see if they had any Wii's in stock. I was expecting to hear "no" and "we dont know when any more are coming in" but I was happy to hear that they had just recieved 15 and they would be out by 4pm. I made sure I was there at 3:30 just incase. Well I was one of 11 waiting for the Wii's to come out. So I finally got to hold my beloved Wii in my arms, I promptly paid for it and headed home. I called another Walmart to see if they had any Wii Fit's...they had 2 left. So I rushed there and got my Wii Fit.
Its all hooked up now, I like all the Wii sport games, but I love my Wii Fit, not only do I not feel like Im exercising, but its so much fun! I also like seeing my progress on the TV screen.
Im really glad I got it, I have already lost 2.6lbs from doing it every day. I'll try to update my pregress here on a weekly basis.