Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like my new hat?

I wanted to try a new craft and since I have failed time and again at real knitting, I decided to try loom knitting and I am hooked! I absolutly love my new hat which I finished tonight. I already started on a matching scarf (don't laugh).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

where are my teeth?

  On friday I took a tiny blue pill and Gary drove me to the get my wisdom teeth taken out!! I had 3 left (one was taken out in HS). 2 of the 3 broke while being extracted, I also got a cleaning and a filling while I was sedated. I just have to tell anyone who will listen to my complaining, how much this hurts!
  I have tried to eat semi-soft food and failed, I am getting tired of protien shakes and applesauce. Hopefully I lost some lb's while on this insane diet. I think I have a dry socket in one of the incisions cause its the one side that wont stop throbbing!
  Anyway, thanks for listening to my whining :) Have a great day eating normal food...think of me.


Florida was so much fun! Gary and Dad did lots of fishing, Gary even caught a 4 1/2 foot shark! We also went to Tarpon Springs, it's where the boats dock that bring in sponges, it was a lot of fun. It's also a small Greek community and the food was so yummy! There were lots of small shops that we went into. I loved it. The weather was also great, it was in the 70's most days. Ahhh, I'm missing it again.

We got back from Florida on Tuesday. I was so sad the entire way home, even the night after we got back I was still bawling. I miss my Florida family so much. I loved spending time with my dad, sis, grandma, uncle, and my Ruster (my BFF)!

Me and Ruster (Stacy) deep sea diving...she forgot her gear.

Me and Daddy

                       Dad and a Jack fish

Gary and his shark

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Mexico Trip

The two women in my life who I admire and love the most! My mom and my Nana.
The three of us, I miss nights like this when we were all able to just hang out and goof around.

My birthday dinner with my mom, brother and fried ice cream! I look awful cause I just had gotten off a plane!! What am I talking about? I went on a makeup strike the whole time I was down there, so ignore my zits please.
My trip was wonderful, I love my family and I love spending time with them. Nothing makes you appreciate what you have until its not there anymore. I even had a great time with my brother I love him so much, Im just waiting for him to get out of his rebellious teen thing.

Craft time!

Gary decided he wanted to make our niece and nephew their gifts for Christmas, the wagon for my nephew didnt really happen, but the caterpillar pull-toy for our niece Abbie did and I love it! He did all the hard stuff, all I did was pick the colors and paint a few blocks.

He drew some eye brows on after this and it looked kinda cute, but he made it a uni-brow! Caterpillar girl, definatly needs a touch up!
A menu board I made with Garys help :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 buh-bye!

2009 was full of ups and downs for us, thank goodness it was mostly ups!

  • We rang in the New Year at home, exhausted from a Christmas trip to New Mexico, then a work trip to Prescott, AZ for Gary to finish the job he was doing.

  • In February we found out we are dealing with two infertility obstacles.

  • Spent Easter with Gary's mom and sister

  • Work ended in May for Sam (yay!)

  • Sam headed to New Mexico for three weeks in June ( I had a blast!!)

  • Came home in July and we decided to try to concieve naturally.

  • Gary finished the porch!!!!

  • In August we spent our anniversary week in Yellowstone, we had a beautiful hotel room and had a blast!

  • Work started again for Sam, and a whole new set of challenges came up. But I have learned from them, so in the end hopefully I will be a wiser person(?)

  • October- Dr told us there was no way for us to concieve naturally :(

  • November - Gary turned 25 - Had an interesting Thanksgiving with Gary's family.

  • December - Saw an infertility Dr and he gave us hope!! (more on that in a later post). - We had a quiet Christmas morning at Garys moms house, breakfast was great! Then presents at his dads house. - Sam turned 25 (spent it in New Mexico with my wonderful family) - Happy New Year!!

Like I said, there were a lot of ups and downs, but overall I am so thankful for everything I have in my life, no matter what 2010 brings us, I know we can get through it.