Monday, September 29, 2008

Just busy

I just wanted to jump on here and tell everyone that life is crazy right now and we havent done anything exciting...well I lie...we did get the wood all stacked and neat. We also bought some stuff at Lowes to make life a little easier. We bought a lawn mower (one that I can start), a snow blower, some cedar fence for the garden and some lights for Garys projects (like he'll ever get to them!).

Im excited for my new lawn mower now I can mow the grass when Gary is gone, I couldnt start the old one. I'll have to take a pic of it :)

Work is hectic as always, but Im getting in the swing of things so everything is going good. I am behind on my school work though...and I have another test on Saturday!!

Today the battery in the truck died...Grant came and jump started it...I drove it to work...and it died again!! I had to call AAA and ended up buying a new battery...not a big deal, just a pain!!

Gary is working in Prescott Arizona until January. I will see him weekends though, so thats good. Except this weekend...he goes elk hunting.

Ok thats all I have for now, gotta get ready for bed!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Logging fun!

Well since gas prices are insane we thought we would try to conserve some energy and moolah by using our wood burning stove this winter. So we called the forest service and bought our firewood permit, $30 for 4 cords of wood. Little did I know that 4 cords is a lot of wood! A cord is 4x4x8 of stacked wood. We drove to Evanston, WY and we logged near Mirror Lake. Our first trip I almost got smashed by a falling tree, luckally I cant get those pictures to load. So were just sharing the pictures from when we got home. Our 2nd & 3rd trips we were very blessed to find a wood pile that the forest service had cut (yes, we were allowed to take it) so we loaded up and came home...then the fun began.

Enjoy the video!

(This is my first time ever making a video on the computer)