Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A day at the lake

Last Saturday we took Ben to the lake for a swim. The weather was perfect! Ben had fun, I enjoyed getting a tan, and Gary fished. He didnt catch anything, it was too early in the afternoon for the fish to be hungry. I love these little family outings we have.
Ben waiting to go get his toy
Swimming back!

His dirty, soggy toy
Gary walked out into the lake cause he didnt want to lose his lure...well it broke off in the water so he got all wet for nothing!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


For our anniversary we went to Yellowstone! We stayed at a really nice hotel and they upgraded us to a suite...it was soo nice. I absolutely love it there! I want to move there and have a pet buffalo! We had a great time, took lots of pictures and learned a lot!!
Gary with Snaggletooth at the Yellowstone Museum.
Me in front of something steaming...I think this was part of the lower geyser trail.

My fancy anniversary dinner, it was yummy...wasn't worth $30 a plate though.

I love how the river runs through the geothermal stuff.

This was called Emerald pool (or lake?) anyway, it was so beautiful!

A pan of the lower geyser area.

My buffalo!

I named him "Jack". He was next to our truck!

Old Faithful
We were lucky we didn't have to wait long, maybe 5 minutes. But there were so many people there!!

An Elk herd near Mammoth Falls.

At our hotel in West Yellowstone, there was a section of the "Yellowstone Special" which used to service Yellowstone back in the day. It was really neat, they had the original bed with linens set up, original tables with the plates they used on the train! I wish I could post all the pictures.
Overall we had a great time and finally got to go on a vacation where it was just us. On the way home we went through part of Wyoming and I saw all these cute little towns. Makes me kinda miss home...a little lol.