Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dr appt update

This past week I had two Dr appointments... One with my surgeon and one with the oncologist. The first was with the surgeon, he did a physical exam and said it was normal...he is worried about my tumor marker levels (inhibin B), so he wants to go in and do an exploratory surgery to see if there is some cancer that the CT scans and MRI's haven't picked up. Also my liver function tests have been abnormal since the start of chemo, so he also wants to do a biopsy at the same time. But were putting off the surgery until we give a new medication some time to work. One of my other meds can cause liver abnormalities, so he switched it and were hoping that's what is causing the liver abnormalities. 

My appointment with the oncologist was a little better. She wasn't so quick to send me off to get cut open. She suspects that I could have some kind of chronic infection since my spleen is also abnormal (I was put together totally wrong, apparently). So they ran tests and hopefully I will learn some more before the end of next week. She also thinks that since I still have a functioning ovary, that's why my inhibin levels are still up, because ovaries make inhibin naturally. She has ordered more blood work at the end of November and a CT scan to see if there are any were hoping for the best!!

It has been a little hard on me the last few days though, I feel like I can't move on. We would love to start the adoption process but I don't want too until they say "Hey your in remission!" so until that day comes I'm just waiting until the next Dr appointment....

I apologize that this post hasn't been the most cheerful, but I think all this is finally getting to me, I have tried so hard to stay positive through all of this. Its a lot to deal with.

 I will be back to my old self again soon...I have too! I hate being sad & worried all the time. 
Its depressing  ;0) 

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megankremer said...

love you sam!! I hope the time flies by and things go the way you (we all) want!! :)