Thursday, January 5, 2012

January, welcome!

2012 is here! We have faith that this year will be better than 2011! We learned a lot, suffered a lot, and loved a lot in 2011 but we can do without the major surgery, cancer, chemo, hair loss, fatigue, stress, pain, tears, etc....

Like I said before, my surgery is on Jan 24th. I really hope that the Dr is able to perform the surgery with the Da Vinci surgical system. I am looking forward to having this done and gone! Hopefully this will take care of the wonky tumor markers and the new symptoms I have been having, similar to the last time my *other* ovary started taking up a lot more space than it should have. I have started getting cramps, bloating, having pain, and some other weird symptoms that come along with this. 

I have grieved and mourned the idea of having a hysterectomy, I accept that it needs to happen and that I would rather be alive and well without all of my reproductive organs, then not live with them! I just hope that the mourning I have done for my girly parts carries over after the surgery and I can move swiftly along.

We are pretty busy around here, work, school, melt downs (mine, though I have been melt-down free for about 2 weeks) and house hunting! We found the PERFECT house in Plain City but as luck would have it, someone put in an offer the day before we were going to!!! We are [in]patiently waiting two weeks to see if the other buyers were able to purchase the house. It almost breaks our hearts to move, we love our ward, friends, and neighbors. But this former country girl needs space! And a goat! Yup I want a pygmy goat and even though I may get away with having chickens here, I doubt I can hide a goat.

We are also looking into adoption from Mexico!!!  Hopefully in June we can get the ball rolling! My aunt is graciously helping us with all the logistics. When it happens it will be a dream come true! We already have names ready to go! Also if anyone does know of anyone that has a child up for adoption, please send them our way.

We wish everyone a wonderful 2012 full of blessings, love, and happiness!

Gary, Samantha, Ben, Mossy, Petunia, Shrek, Molly, & Cookie! 

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