Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Choose Life!

I had a hysterectomy on the 24th of January. There was a tumor inside the remaining ovary but the doctor said that it looked dead, possibly the chemo killed it! I wont find out the specifics until the 13th but its looking positive!

I did kind of freak-out in pre-op when I had to sign the "consent to sterilization" form. OK not kind of, really freaked out. I was crying and shaking as soon as they said "sterilization". It's not a fun word at all, its word that (to me) means nothing - literally there is nothing inside me...well vital organs yes, but nothing that can assist in creating life. Amazingly, once I came out of surgery and I found out that there was a tumor in the other ovary I felt (and still do) relieved it was gone.

I Choose Life!

Now I am at home recovering, I have quite a few 2-3" incisions on my belly, kind of looks like I got in a knife fight with someone. My body doesn't like the hormone replacements so hopefully we can find an alternative. I have had a migraine since getting out of the hospital. My Doctor thinks its from stress the surgery put on my body. My incisions are healing but slowly, not as fast as we hoped. Again, the doctor thinks its from stress and shock to my body. He also said that my body would be focusing on healing from the inside out, and since the surgery was aggressive its taking its sweet time to heal my incisions.

But now that its done, I am glad to have it over with and to be alive. I'm glad to move on to the next chapter (whatever it is, I just hope its happy and cancer free).

And of course I need to thank my Momma & Gary and everyone else who has helped. I really appreciate all the love and support you have given.

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